Saturday, October 8, 2016


Writing good user stories should be your cup of tea. To write efficient user story, you must keep in mind the golden rules of Scrum. INVEST is one of them. INVEST stands for

I  ==> Independent
N ==> Negotiable
V ==> Valuable
E ==> Estimable
S ==> Small
T ==> Testable

          Now, intention is to make your story robust and team friendly. So, it must contain all the properties of INVEST. It does not mean you need to follow only the following structure, which has become viral in Internet.

As a ________
I/We want ____________
So that _____________

Definitely, you can follow the structure. But remember your feature list should contain all the attributes of INVEST. This is all about the broad view of the features. For micro analysis, you should define tasks. Tasks should maintain the attribute of SMART.

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